As the real estate industry evolves and more buyers and sellers look online to find the answers they’re looking for, it’s now more important than ever to have the skills to turn leads into appointments over the phone.

Let’s take a look at three proven tactics that will help you accomplish turning leads into appointments.

#1. Be Prepared

Know who you’re calling and be prepared with a list of topics to discuss.  Take a look at their social media profiles to learn more about their career, where they went to college, what their interests are, what charities and organizations they’re a part of and really gain a sense of who they are.

This will help you start a conversation with something you may have in common and will ease the conversation for both you and the prospect. Do your research and spend time getting to know the client before you make the phone call.

#2. Leave Some Information for Discussion at the Appointment

It’s important that you answer any lead’s questions, but it is also vital that you don’t give all of the information you have over the phone. Think of it like a book – if the cover gives it away, there is no point in reading the book. If you give a lead all of the information they are seeking over the phone, then they won’t be as enticed to make an appointment with you.

A great tactic for turning a lead into an appointment over the phone is to answer any questions they have in the most basic form and then tell them you would like to discuss further during a meeting. This will help get the prospect in your office so that you can turn them into a client.

#3. Respond in a Timely Manner

Real estate agents are constantly running to open houses, meeting with clients and sifting through mounds of paperwork, so it isn’t realistic to expect to be able to answer every call, but you should respond in a timely manner.

The faster you can respond to a lead, the more likely you are to convert them into a client. Respect both your time and the prospect’s time by responding as soon as possible with prepared answers to any questions they may have sent you via email.

The more appointments you set, the larger your client base will become and the more sales you will close. These three proven tactics will help you expand your client base and become a better prospector overall.

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