For a busy real estate agent, every single day is different and tasks are ever changing. From lead generation, meeting with clients, touring properties, and completing various administrative duties, it’s hard for agents to stay on top of every single item on their to do lists. The key to success in the real estate industry is keeping the balance between the daily administrative tasks and the income-generating activities, and the way to achieve this is by utilizing the right transaction management platform.

Here are three reasons why better transaction management makes sense in the real estate industry.

Organization and Efficiency

The right transaction management system will help you increase closings, and manage your leads more efficiently, while allowing you to reduce the amount of time spent on each transaction by 20 percent, so that you can focus on generating new leads and closing more deals. Integrating an all-in-one transaction management system will significantly reduce the amount of paperwork and speed up the process of each sale for everyone from brokers and buyers to sellers, appraisers and insurers. This system allows you to access your documents and files online from any place at any time.


Using a web-based system for real estate transaction management can improve the line of communication between you and your clients. All parties involved in the transaction can view, manage and share information and documents in real time, making sure everyone is updated through every step of the transaction. Clients can see what developments are occurring, minimizing the amount of paperwork and phones calls needed to stay updated.

Keeping your clients informed of the process of each transaction will increase satisfaction and will boost your reputation as an agent and earn you more referrals. Transaction management will give you more free time to spend out in the field generating leads and closing more deals.

Competitive Edge

Real estate transaction management keeps your information easily accessible from any device and helps you automate and expand your business by improving communication, organization and efficiency. This is an invaluable tool that brokers should be using everyday. Having one central place to house all of this data will allow you to serve your clients better and you’ll have more time to find new leads and close more deals. Don’t fall behind the competition

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is successful real estate agents are using real estate transaction management systems. This software will automate processes, minimize paperwork, manage your leads, and give you more time to increase sales. The top producers in every real estate firm are using this platform to increase their productivity and generate more business.

Are you utilizing all that a transaction management system has to offer? How has it benefitted your productivity and efficiency? Wise Agent transaction management seamlessly allows everyone involved in a real estate deal to communicate efficiently and effectively, at all times. Contact us today to schedule a demo and see for yourself why our transaction management helps move deals from initial contact to closing.

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