ConversionFunnel-Leads-to-Sales-2The more you know about a lead, the easier it will be to convert them into a client. Only some of today’s CRMs offer lead intelligence to help you get to know a prospect before speaking with them – many CRMs only provide an email address for a lead. Wise Agent’s social enhancement offers real estate agents a closer look at prospects that allow them to prepare for the initial conversation to make it seamless.

Lead intelligence allows agents to prioritize leads and make personal connections with people, which is large factor in lead generation. Here are three reasons why lead intelligence is crucial for lead ranking and qualifying.

#1. You Gain Personal Insight

Lead intelligence offers great insight into who the prospect really is. By having access to their social media sites, you can see what interests they have and determine what you may have in common that can be used as an icebreaker for your initial meeting. Take a close look at their LinkedIn profile to see where they work and what college they attended as well as what organizations and charity groups they may be involved in. Look at their twitter to gain a more personal look at their thoughts and their hobbies.

Having this vital information will help you compile a list of talking points to gain the prospect’s interest and trust in you that you will do everything in your power to make the buying or selling process easy and efficient for them. Successful real estate transactions are driven by solid relationships with clients. By gaining a personal insight, you can connect and bond with prospects and continue to build on that relationship when they become your client.

#2. Information is Power

Cold calling is one of the most stressful tasks a real estate agent must do to build their inventory of clients. Why wouldn’t you choose to utilize a tool that helps take away the awkwardness of cold calling? Lead intelligence takes a cold call to a warm call, because you have the knowledge needed to strike up a conversation that will help you engage enough with the prospect to get them to want to meet with you.

Maybe you attended the same college, or your kids are the same age or perhaps you have mutual friends in common – using this information is crucial to approaching a prospect and turning them into your client.

#3. You Sift Out Bad Leads

Lead generation saves time by helping you rank your leads. You can form a list of the top leads and spend more time planning out conversation topics and ways to turn these hot leads into clients. You won’t waste time contacting leads that aren’t interested in buying or selling, and you can spend more time contacting leads that have the potential to turn into a client. You will gain more confidence by contacting leads that you know are interested in buying or selling property, rather than cold calling and risking wasting time on a prospect that is not interested.

The Wise Agent Lead Intelligence enhancement makes cold calling and prospecting more efficient, easier and can help you establish a relationship with prospects to gain more clients. Click here to learn more about how Wise Agent’s CRM lead enhancement can add immediate value to your leads.

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