Newsletters can be a highly effective way to generate leads for your real estate business. With Wise Agent’s newsletter feature, you can build client relationships, establish yourself as a thought leader and a market expert, and generate leads. Stay in touch with your current clients and gain new clients all with a simple newsletter.

Here are three simple ways newsletters help with lead generation.

#1. Prospects Appreciate Meaningful Content

The last thing a prospect wants to receive among the other countless emails is a newsletter that is full of self-promotion. Include thoughtful and meaningful content that is full of information the client or prospect wants to know. Spotlight specific neighborhoods and listings with details on the property and the area in your newsletter. If you are quoted in an article or find an article you think prospects and clients would find useful, add these links in a section in your newsletter to help establish yourself as a thought leader and a resource for information on real estate.

Wise Agent makes it easy to assemble a newsletter that has all of the content you want to use. You may turn a lead into a client simply by providing them meaningful content they can use in their search for their new home.

#2. Prospects Respond To Personalization

Newsletters are a personal way to connect with people. Just by including a recipient’s name in the introduction, you can stand out in a sea of canned email. The home buying and selling process is a very personal situation for many people and by personalizing your newsletter to tailor to a prospect’s wants, you can establish a strong relationship and maintain it. You can create a separate newsletter for clients and for prospects to personalize the information.

For example, for current or past clients you may include articles on design trends or tips for homeowners. For prospects, you can include recent homes you have sold and highlight key neighborhoods they may be interested in.

#3. A Call to Action Encourages Communication

At the end of your newsletter, include a direct call to action that tells the prospect exactly what to do next —whether it’s to pick up the phone and give you a call, shoot you an email or fill out a form online. A good call to action can mean the difference between a cold lead and a warm prospect, so make it short, concise and to the point. Create a CTA that will generate an immediate response.

How Wise Agent Can Help

Wise Agent’s Newsletter is a tool that is easy to use and will help you stay in touch with your current clients, build relationships with prospects and generate leads. Wise Agent allows you to create a newsletter in minutes that you can send each month to be at the front of your clients’ and prospects’ minds.

Consistency is key. You can either send the Wise Agent newsletter as is or you can edit it and tailor it with custom content. Wise Agent offers a Spanish newsletter and a 2-page paper newsletter that can be sent each month.

For more information on Wise Agent’s newsletter tool, contact us or visit our site.

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