Customer Relationship Management, or CRM systems, have the potential to streamline operations and increase revenue, but few brokers and agents tap into the true potential of their systems. As a News Year’s resolution, agents and brokers should take the time to get more out of their CRM and invest time in nurturing this tool to gain more business in the coming year.

If you’re ready to take your CRM best practices to the next level, here are 4 New Year’s resolutions for getting more out of your CRM:

Take Time to Clean It Up

Your CRM is probably full of duplicate contacts, wrong information and information that is simply outdated. Take the time to clean up your CRM. Delete duplicate files, research and correct information, call contacts and update their information in the event it’s outdated.

You will be much more organized and will be able to locate information easier. You will also save time by having only correct information in your system. No more phone calls to clients with changed numbers and no more wasted time sending emails to old addresses.

Make a Plan to Add New Contacts

The whole point of having a CRM is to accumulate contacts and to manage all of your clients in one place. A great New Year’s resolution to get more out of your CRM system is to plan to add new contacts every week to broaden your reach. Be sure to note whether a contact is a cold call or a warm lead.

The more contacts you have in your CRM, the more potential transactions you gain. If you’re able to grow your database to 250 contacts, for example, and just 3% of them convert during the year, you’re looking at 7+ transactions. Start adding!

Set Up Ongoing Drip Campaigns

Wise Agent’s drip marketing campaigns allow you to automatically send new, fresh content designed to turn prospects into clients. All you have to do is set when the campaign will go out with the simple calendar tool and start generating leads. Your CRM is a great tool to use for marketing purposes and Wise Agent’s drip tool will show your clients and prospects that you are a marketing guru. The few minutes it takes to create a drip campaign will pay off when leads begin to roll in.

Stay Active

Utilize all the tools your CRM has to offer. Stay active with it and spend at least fifteen minutes a day going through contacts, managing campaigns and updating information. Stay on top of your CRM and use it to your advantage.

Making Your Resolutions Count with Wise Agent

Wise Agent is the CRM system that will help you engage and optimize every lead by ensuring your leads are valuable and contain correct and detailed information. Document storage, appointment calendar, transaction manager, contact manager and drip marketing are all features that Wise Agent offers to help real estate agents be more successful and keep their clients happy.

Take a detailed look at all of these features on our website and contact us to get started using Wise Agent. We can’t wait to partner with you to enhance your real estate business.

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