Whether you are a seasoned real estate agent or brand new to the business, your leads will be one of the most valuable parts of your success. This is why it is so important to utilize lead scoring tools your CRM offers in order to spend more time connecting with warm leads and less time making cold calls.

Without lead scoring, you are essentially throwing darts in the dark and hoping to hit a bullseye. Here are four reasons why you should use your CRM to rank leads.

It’s a Time Saver

How many hours have you wasted calling prospects only to find that you’ve received a less than exciting response? Lead scoring will help sift out the colder leads and will help you focus only on the leads that show promise. Wise Agent allows you to rank your contacts and then search based on those rankings.

This can save agents valuable time when determining which leads they should contact first versus those that are still in the early stages.

You Can Determine a Strategy

Ranking your leads with your CRM will help you gather specific information to help you determine a strategy for turning this lead into a client. If an overwhelming amount of your clients are 30 and older and have an income of $150,000 annually, then you know what bucket to place leads that fit this criteria in.

This isn’t to say that other prospects can’t turn into viable opportunities – it just means that you know to first allocate your marketing experts to these hotter leads and then focus on the warm leads.

You Can Utilize Other Features in Your CRM

After you have placed leads into specific categories, you can add each bucket to a unique drip email campaign. Let’s say for example you have four categories: hot buyer leads, warm buyer leads, hot seller leads and warm seller leads. The hot lead groups should be your top priority. You should add these leads to your real estate email drip campaigns that are created within your CRM that are sent on a weekly or monthly basis.

You can tailor the content to be geared toward your different lead categories. Hot leads can receive emails that contain more specific information and warmer leads can receive more general housing advice, like blog posts detailing how to secure a home loan, preparing finances and other pre-sale tasks.

How Wise Agent Allows You To Utilize Lead Scoring

Wise Agent’s lead automation tool will automatically pull social data from a lead’s email and will pull full names, correct contact info, pictures, interests, favorite athletic teams (if public on social media) and links to social media profiles. This helps your leads become hotter and helps make your business more seamless. This tool essentially helps you target leads that are the most likely to turn into a client and will help your business truly take off.

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