sleepingWhile you’re busy with your routine, forces are at work that will ultimately bring a new client to your inbox. We’re talking about your satisfied past customers and partners, who may be providing you with a referral as we speak. Given that over 40% of all real estate sales come from referrals, this is a critical point.

Referrals are gold for real estate agents, and they come your way when you’ve provided great service, certainly. More than that, though, you have to have a “sticky” relationship. Your name needs to stay in their mind long after the transaction has closed and your immediate association is over.

So while referrals come from others, they’re not completely out of your control. Ask for referrals, don’t just wish for them. Getting consistent referrals requires sustaining your existing relationships for the long term. A few best practices can go a long way toward keeping those referrals popping up to make your day.

#1: Be supportive when it matters

The Washington Post reported that one in four buyers in a variety of settings experience some level of buyer’s remorse. It’s important for agents to keep this in mind, and be aware that asking for a referral at this point would be a mistake.  Instead, this is when customer service should shine. If your client is feeling anxious, do your best to ensure that they are 100% satisfied, and all of their questions are answered. They’ll remember that you came through even after the transaction.

#2: Automate follow-ups

Generating referrals is too important to be left to chance. A good CRM will help you to stay in touch. You can set up automatic follow-ups for any of your contacts, and organize them into groups to ensure that the content you provide is relevant and appropriate. The most important factor in getting that referral –whether next month or 5 years from now- is staying in touch.

Schedule periodic touch points throughout the year. Holidays are an opportunity to send a personal note. These can be supplemented by periodic emails that provide valuable information: an update on home values in the neighborhood, or news on mortgages and interest rates. Providing useful contact can be easy; CRMs can provide fresh content and track responses.

#3: Use drip email

This is the meat and potatoes of keeping in touch automatically. With drip campaigns, you can schedule messages and tailor them for specific contacts, then step away and let the system do its work. It lets you focus on doing your job, knowing that referrals are being generated on your behalf.

#4: Newsletters work too

Another way that CRMs can simplify referral generation is by providing templates and suggested content for engaging newsletters. This is an effective way to keep your name at the top of mind and provide useful information at the same time. It also helps to establish your authority as an expert on the local market and trends.

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