If you aren’t using social media to build your personal brand, then you are truly missing out on one of the most successful marketing platforms available. A third of all consumers follow brands on social media, and you should be one of them. Here are four ways to build a memorable brand on social media.

Be Active

It isn’t enough to just have a presence on social media – you need to be active in order to build a brand. Aim to post something at least once a day, whether it is a re-tweet, a Facebook status or a LinkedIn post. You need to establish your professional voice and become visible to your followers by being active on social media. Avoid posting things just to have something to post – if it isn’t useful or relevant, don’t post it.


Publish content that is engaging – ask questions, ask for your followers thoughts on certain topics, just simply start conversations with people. In the real estate industry, there are plenty of topics to spark conversations with followers and there is plenty of research and information available for you to share. Post tips and tricks, spotlight particular neighborhoods, give market statistics – all you have to do give clients and prospects information they can use. Become a thought leader by engaging on social media and not just posting content in order to be active.

Be Visual

You are more likely to receive engagements with your posts when they have something visual, whether it be a chart, graph, photo or video. Don’t be afraid to use color to stand out and attract people to your posts. Text-only posts will end up lost in the stream of content on social media – differentiate yourself and your brand by utilizing visuals.

Be Consistent

To have a successful social media brand, you need a social media marketing plan. Be consistent and maintain your voice on your social media sites. Keep your personal and professional social media accounts separate to keep the steady flow of similar information. Try to use the same colors in your customized visuals to establish a brand so that people can easily recognize your posts.  Set a schedule for when you will post every day or every week to maintain consistency.

Keep It Professional

Most importantly, maintain professionalism on social media as you are representing yourself and your agency. Be mindful of the kinds of posts you are making and be wary of stating opinions on sensitive subjects like politics. Leverage social media to establish a memorable brand and to set yourself apart.

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