One of the most important parts of a successful marketing campaign is gaining an engaging quality email list. While this is one of the most important aspects of marketing, it can also be one of the most difficult to accomplish. To help you become a successful marketer, let’s take a look at five out-of-the-box ways to grow your real estate email database.

Utilize Your Current Email Database

Everyone who sees your emails are already on your email list, but consider adding a button to your weekly or monthly newsletters that encourage people to join your email list. That way, if anyone in your current email list shares your newsletter, there is an option to subscribe, ultimately gaining you more quality and engaging people on your email list.

Also keep in mind that people may also share your newsletter on social media, encouraging an even wider audience to subscribe to your emails. This is another incentive to ensure that the content you are including in your newsletters is of quality and content your audience would find useful. Read more about how to create a real estate newsletter that gains leaders in our blog.

Collect Emails When You Host an Event

The next time you host a panel or an event such as an open house, collect email addresses from the attendees. This gives you the opportunity to communicate and follow up with attendees after the event. Collecting emails at an event is an efficient way to build a solid email base, because you know these attendees are already invested in real estate because they are attending this event. All you have to do is ask for email addresses at registration for the event and you’ll have countless new names to add to your email list.

Place a Sign-Up Form in Your Blog

If you have a blog where you are posting original content, chances are you have followers who want to know more about your market knowledge and expertise. Add a simple form to your blog to gain new email subscribers. Chances are if they are visiting your blog, they will be interested in receiving your emails. This is an effortless way to build upon your email list and gain quality subscribers.

Partner with a Local Business

Cross-promotion can be a great tool to gain email leads. Contact local businesses and organizations in your city that may offer discounts and giveaways in exchange for promotion on your website or blog. Discounts and giveaways are great ways to capture more email subscribers. Sometimes all it takes is a little incentive.

Leverage Social Media

Use your business profile on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to list special offers for content that requires an email address to access, such as a whitepaper or research material. This will help increase your email database and will encourage you to continue to present useful and meaningful content for your audience. Just be sure to avoid spamming clients and prospects – check out our blog for tips on this.

Email can be a powerful marketing tool for connecting with prospects and turning them into clients. With Wise Agent you can streamline your email activity with pre-filled, ready-to-go emails designed to build relationships, capture new business, and convert. Contact us today to get started.

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