As a new real estate agent, getting the right tools and systems in place can help catapult your business and get it up and running quickly and efficiently. If you’re kicking off your real estate business in the New Year, there are a few must-have tools and technology to have on your list.  

Let’s take a look at five things new agents need to get up and running for 2017.


We live in a digital age where everyone reverts to the Internet to find information they need. To start off strong, you need to get your website up, running and fully updated with all of the latest information to establish your digital presence.

Make sure that your website is professional and includes plenty of information that clients and prospects will need. You want to become a reliable source of information for anyone looking to buy or sell a home. A great tool to have on your website is a blog that offers tips and tricks for those in the market for a new home or selling their current home.

Include a bio page that has a photo of you and gives some personal details to help prospects establish a connection.

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CRM System

Your CRM system will become one of the most valuable tools you will ever use in real estate. It maintains your client information and helps you turn cold calls into warm calls. Make sure that your CRM is organized. As you gain clients, you don’t want your CRM to contain duplicate entries or have wrong contact information.

Wise Agent’s CRM will help make your transition into the real estate world easy and efficient by doing all of these things and more.

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Marketing Plan

You will need a great marketing plan to kick-start the new year. Set aside time in your schedule to prospect to set daily, monthly and weekly goals. Make sure you update your social media accounts to showcase your new career. Extend your professional network by maintaining an active role in your MLS along with local, state and national realtor associations.

Build your mailing list and send out email marketing campaigns and newsletters to convert leads to clients. Create valuable content by writing informative blogs to establish yourself as a thought leader.

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You can maximize your impact and save time by utilizing technology. Use mobile devices to reach clients and prospects where they’re spending a majority of their time – on their cellphones and on apps. There are plenty of mobile apps designed for real estate agents. Store your files on Wise Agent cloud to access documents from any device. Use transaction management technology to send, sign and receive contracts and legal documents safely and securely. Don’t forget to use your CRM to stay in contact with clients and to nurture leads who have the potential to become clients.

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