Real estate lead generation is always on real estate agents’ minds. Every real estate professional wants to maximize their online marketing by utilizing their website. Agents are constantly seeking out new ways to effectively turn their website visitors into new leads and eventually clients.

Here are five tips for improving your real estate website’s conversion ability.

Improve Your Contact Form and CTA

There are many ways you can adjust and improve both your contact form fields and your call to action. For forms, limit the amount of information you need. The less for visitors to fill out, the more likely they are to input the information. Try to limit the contact form to only name and email. According to Quick Sprout, data shows that having only three form fields —whether that be name, email and phone number or any other combination— increases the conversion rate by an average of 25%.

For CTA’s keep it clear and succinct if you want them to sign up for your newsletter or your email list. Be straightforward and make the task simple and easy. You can test several different versions to find the right CTA for your real estate website. Wise Agent even has a WordPress plugin and other lead capture forms that can be customized to your specific needs —and all leads automatically drop into your Wise Agent platform.

Leverage Social Media

Your real estate marketing on social media and email are inextricably linked to the conversion rate of your website. You can publish exciting and interesting content all over your website, but it won’t generate any new leads if people don’t look at your site. Establish yourself on social media and email by posting links to your landing pages that feature listings, promotions and any other content that will help you sell more real estate.

Wise Agent offers integration with Facebook to streamline your ability to leverage social media to your advantage. You can learn more about the integration here.

Choose Bright Colors

The more visually appealing your website is, the more likely you are to see engagement and to keep visitors intrigued. Keep your color scheme bright and eye-catching.

Keep it Mobile-Friendly

People are constantly on the go and surfing the Internet via their mobile devices. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you will significantly decrease your conversion ability. If visitors can’t find what they are looking for on your site while on their mobile devices, then you have a very small chance of gaining a new lead or client from your website.

Newsletter Sign-Up

Include a place to sign up for your newsletter on your website. Potential clients will love to see your current listings and other useful information right in their inbox. The newsletter will in turn keep traffic going to your blog and your website to increase conversion rates.

Wise Agent’s CRM offers an extremely easy and useful newsletter tool that creates custom newsletters to send to prospects and clients to direct them back to your website. Watch our tutorial on how to create your newsletter with Wise Agent to see just how easy it is to create a newsletter that will generate leads.

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