WiseAgent-OfficeMistakes and accidents happen – but will your CRM system be able to save you? Your time and credibility are your most valuable assets. With the right CRM system, you can save yourself from losing prospects, missing opportunities, and you can save time and date stamped notes.

Let’s take a look at 5 unfortunate situations your CRM can save your from.

Missing Important Calls

We get it. The day-to-day of the real estate business can pull you in all directions, and it’s easy to forget important phone calls. Rather than remind yourself to call a lead back on a post-it note, some CRMs are capable of reminding you. Wise Agent’s Call List feature, for example, allows you schedule the call on your call list. Wise Agent will then text and email you reminders so your important calls are always top-of-mind.

Losing Out on Prospecting

Let’s say you have been closing on so many different properties that you haven’t had time to prospect for new leads and business all month – your CRM can remind you to make important phone calls and will keep you from losing out on business. Wise Agent’s contact manager works for you 24/7 and will help you create long lasting relationships.

Avoiding Faulty Leads

You may have plenty of leads, but how valuable are they? Do your leads have full names and the right contact information? With Wise Agent, the system automatically pulls social data from their email. You will never have to cold call again, because you will know how to strike up the perfect conversation to transition this lead into a client.

Miss Appointments

Life can be hectic for real estate agents with so many meetings and appointments to keep up with on a daily basis. With the Wise Agent Appointment Calendar you can systematize, organize and increase your productivity. You can link and share appointments with clients and vendors, set up text and email alerts to team members for appointments you have in your Day Planner and create daily, weekly, or monthly goals and to-do lists to monitor your progress. Save time by syncing to your mobile and getting through phone calls faster with a call list that integrates with your contact notes.

Risking Security

Your desktop is not the place to keep important and sensitive documents. Wise Agent’s unlimited document story allows you to freely store files along with your client’s transactions and contact records with access to them from anywhere. Don’t risk your and your client’s security by keeping documents in exposed areas like your desktop. Wise Agent’s unlimited cloud solution is easier and safer for your important documents.

Have any of these unfortunate situations happened to you? How did you handle it? With Wise Agent we make sure that your business is streamlined, successful and secure.

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