We all want more time in the day to get things done and check tasks off of our to-do lists. One way to help eliminate time spent on your real estate marketing strategy is to automate some of your tasks. For real estate agents, automating tasks can reduce the help free up time in their day to close more deals. Here is how automation is changing the real estate game.

Social Media

Use the set-it-and-forget-it method for your social media and set up a post a day to send out to your network. The more content you put out on your social channels, the more engagement you’ll experience. As long as you are creating posts that include imagery and engaging content, you will be able to automate your social media marketing easily.

Hootsuite and Tweetdeck are two great platforms to use for automating your social media. Also try to create unique social media images to accompany your text. Social media stats show that imagery has a huge affect on the success of the tweet.


Wise Agent CRM offers a unique feature that allows you to create incredible-looking emails easily. You can also customize the newsletter to tailor to your unique content. Having your newsletters automated to send every other week or every month will keep you top of mind for clients and prospects without having to spend a lot of time developing the newsletter. With Wise Agent’s drip marketing, you can automatically send fresh content designed to turn prospects into clients. The simple calendar tool will help bring hot leads in.

Lead Management

Lead automation is important to making your leads are valuable leads. Wise Agent’s CRM will automatically pull social data from their email. Imagine if all of your leads contained full names and correct contact info along with photos, interests, favorite sports teams and links to their social media profiles.

The new lead management feature will automatically be added to your Wise Agent CRM database from almost any source you receive them from. You can then set up immediate auto response and the lead can be added to your call list and assigned to anyone on your team. You can set the system to launch a different drip campaign for each lead source and send notifications to everyone you want alerted about a new lead. Set up lead distribution filters to distribute the leads by round-robin, price, zip code or a combination of the three to anyone inside or outside of your team.

Drip Email Campaigns

Before you automate emails to prospects in your CRM, you can set up a scheduled workflow to determine how often you will reach out to prospects and how often you will send emails and what types of content you want to send to them. Wise Agent allows for the easy creation of drip marketing campaigns to send out featured listings and other key news you’d like your prospects and clients to know.

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