We’ve made some more upgrades to Wise Agent CRM that we think you’re really going to like!  As always, we tried to incorporate as many of YOUR suggestions as possible.  Here are a few of the changes you will find on your new Contact Summary page now:

  • Edit & update your Contacts without leaving the summary page or clicking a save button (you don’t have to click through to the Edit Client page anymore)
  • Change the relationship for the secondary contact (Spouse, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Partner, Significant Other, etc)
  • Add an Event to the Day Planner or a Task to the To Do List from summary page
  • View all things associated with that contact – Events, Notes, Transactions, etc.
  • Add/Remove contacts to your Marketing Program from summary page
  • Add/Remove contacts from Constant Contact or MailChimp from summary page
  • Access to more info with less scrolling for easier viewing
  • Client List is now called Contact List

Check out this video tutorial to walk through all the functionality of the new and improved Contact Summary page.

Your feedback is very important to us! Let us know what you think.