Engaging and sharing interesting content to your client base can help build lasting relationships. Your clients look to you as their source of real estate knowledge and expertise and content sharing allows you to establish yourself as a leading expert. Here’s a quick synopsis on why content sharing to build relationships works in real estate.

It’s Engaging and Sparks Conversation

Sharing relevant articles or stories that your client is interested in or can relate to is an instant engagement tool. You’ll spark a conversation on the topic of the article and you can gain more insight on your client’s wants and needs. If your client is looking to begin investing in rental properties, you can easily share an article detailing what your client will need to consider before investing.

Your client will appreciate you engaging with them over the interesting and informational content you share. By preparing your clients through providing them sources of valuable information, you build the relationship and establish that you are a source of expert knowledge for them to come to.

It’s Easy and Thoughtful

When you send your client a blog that you think they will find value in, you are showing your client that you are thinking of them. This shows that you have really listened and understand what your client is looking for – further building your relationship.  

Wise Agent’s offers a simple and easy way to share content with their newsletter featuring that allows you to RSS feed your favorite blogs into Wise Agent so you can email these interesting pieces directly to your client database. You can set up an RSS feed of third-party blogs so that when you read a blog that you think a client would be interested in, you can send it directly to them without ever leaving the Wise Agent platform.

It Establishes You as a Thought Leader

Knowing where to find reputable sources chalked full of intriguing and excellent content establishes you as a thought leader and reliable source for answers. Your clients will appreciate your efforts to give them content they can utilize to help them make real estate decisions. As a real estate agent, you should be presenting yourself as a thought leader to gain more clients, close more sales and build stronger relationships with your clients.

Your clients will enjoy seeing these blogs and articles that you share. All you have to do is simply click the email icon in Wise Agent and it will pull the content and the image to your email editor where you’ll choose the audience you’d like to share it with.

The real estate industry thrives off of the relationship between clients and agents. Building a strong relationship with your clients through content sharing is an easy and efficient way to present yourself as a thought leader and someone who truly cares about the needs of the client.

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