teamstylesThere are two ways to set up your team within Wise Agent – as an Inside Team or an Outside Team. INSIDE team members are under your account and share the same username and password as you. All Inside Team Members can be logged into Wise Agent at the same time on different computers and you share everything under your account, client database, calendar, call list, etc. You can still assign certain tasks or appointments to an individual, and you can separate your Client List by utilizing the Category functions.

To add your Inside team members:

1. Click on the “Profile” button
2. Scroll down to where it says “Second Team Member” and fill in their information
3. When you are finished hit the “Save” button.

The second way is by having an OUTSIDE team member. They have a separate Wise Agent account and do not share yours. You can, however, share and send each other things such as clients, appointments, etc. There is a separate charge for each account when utilizing the Outside Team Member set up.

To add an Outside Team Member:

1. Scroll over the Profile button, and click on the Outside Team
2. Click on the “Add Team Member” button
3. Fill in their email address and a message, then hit send
4. You will then await their response to accept you.