Your CRM can provide your real estate business with the foundation you need to be successful and drive better results at every stage of the real estate cycle, from the initial meeting, to the post-transaction follow up. You can establish significant metrics and implement processes that can transform your sales cycle into a strategic tool that will boost your business.

Capturing Leads

If you aren’t capturing leads and inputting them into your CRM, you are missing a huge opportunity. Many agents are used to importing prospects’ information into their CRM with spreadsheets and email applications, but should also be adding contacts in from social media and SEO marketing campaigns. Your CRM can help you track sales responses from online advertising campaigns to increase your lead generation.

Work With Marketing

Team up with marketing to strategize on the best content marketing ideas and topics to engage prospects as they go through the sales process. Your CRM’s built-in tracking tools will help you track the content marketing activities you are implementing and will show you which prospects are actively engaging with them.

Measuring Performance

Real estate agents should constantly be evaluating their lead generation and sales cycle management efforts. CRMs offer reports that show which of your marketing strategies are generating leads, closing transactions and which are not benefitting your business.

It is critical from the start to use your CRM to track lead sources and content marketing efforts. This information can help you determine where you are gaining most of your leads, in order to focus solely on those that work.

Your CRM Can Transform Your Sales Cycle

Your CRM is one of the most vital and powerful tools you will use as a real estate agent. This system can help you manage the sales process and improve your overall performance, from generating more leads, to closing more sales.

Your CRM provides you with the opportunity to evaluate and improve your lead sources and the quality of the relationships you have with both prospects and clients during every single state of the sales cycle. Utilizing your CRM and all of its tools will help you have better control of your sales cycle, producing a healthier bottom line for your business.

Whether you are a seasoned agent or brand new in the business, Wise Agent has the tools you need to run your business like a Pro. Check out all of the features the Wise Agent CRM has to offer. Contact us anytime to discuss how Wise Agent’s CRM can help you improve your real estate business.

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