Concept of sending e-mails from your computer

Even though the majority of leads you are getting are not ready to buy or sell when they come in, you still need to keep your name on their minds in order to convert them later. Email continues to remain the most effective way to do that. Use your CRM to capture their email address and you’ll get more bizz in the future.

With Wise Agent, you can not only email a message to your potential client individually, but also bulk email to your preferred contact category. Moreover, you can email monthly Wise Agent newsletters that are created for you in English / Spanish or letters saved in your CRM. We also have an array of templates for all occasions within our system. Make an impact in very little time by using the tools provided by Wise Agent.

Hold On, That’s Not All! We now offer ‘scheduled emails’, giving you the ability to schedule your email to send anytime you choose. Your potential client is having a birthday next week and you think you might forget to say HBD?…NO problem! Simply schedule to email an awesome Birthday card for that day:)

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…Aaaand a bonus tip:

We as real estate pros understand cool lingo like “CMA”, “IDX” or “FSBO”, but fail to realize that potential clients may not. Therefore, you must tune into each person’s language, which is diverse in terms of gender, age, ethnicity, level of education, occupation and so on. REMOVE THESE WORDS FROM YOUR EMAIL VOCABULARY when talking to your leads. Your email should contain high-level of simplicity in wording.

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