How many left-handed Realtors are there?  We’re not sure either but we figure some of those left-handed Realtors are using Wise Agent.

On a recent trip to Inman Connect in San Francisco the Wise Agent developers walked through a store on pier 39 called “Lefty’s” that only carried products for left-handed individuals.  That was all it took to inspire Wise Agent developers to be thoughtful of the lefty’s when developing the Wise Agent mobile web app.  This very well may be the first app in the world to add a setting just for lefties. That shouldn’t surprise you if you have been with Wise Agent long; you know we are always thinking outside of the box.

Now our left-handed clients can choose a setting in the new app that will make using Wise Agent on mobile lefty friendly. Once logged on to the mobile app, simply go to “menu,” then click “settings” to choose which hand.  Let us know if you have any suggestions – we’re always looking for ways to add value to the program!