It is critical that you stay organized throughout your listing and buyer transactions, and Wise Agent offers an easy solution to help you keep on top of the game. Wise Agent’s Transaction Management checklists make it easy to keep track of exactly what needs to be done and when, and then allows you to store that information online for the rest of your career.

Our Checklist features allow you to:

  • Save critical dates to your Day Planner automatically
  • Store important information about the transaction (MLS number, price, etc)
  • Walk through each task, and keep a detailed record of when each were completed
  • Link vendors or other contacts that you are working with on the transaction
  • Upload all associated documents for unlimited online storage
  • Keep date and time stamped notes relating to the transaction

Transaction Management
We’ve also made it easy to keep all parties involved and up to date on what is happening with the transaction. You can print or email a summary of the checklist, and even create a custom summary that just includes the information you want to include. Finally, you can take advantage of our Fusion Transaction Management system, which allows you to create a custom web page, unique for each transaction. You can then share a link to that webpage to the involved parties, and keep everyone in the loop!

Many people ask, “Why is this better than other Transaction Management Programs?” For starters, it is included with your Wise Agent account, so you still get to take advantage of all the other great tools we have to offer. Another comment we receive from our members is they like that it’s all one page – you’re not flipping through multiple pages when you are working within one transaction. They also find it’s just generally easier to use and more intuitive.

There are just a few of the reasons – if you have any feedback or questions, we want to hear from you! Comment below, check out our Facebook, or hit the Contact Us button.