As always, the Wise Agent development team is constantly rolling out feature updates. This month is no different. There was a big focus on cosmetic change. We wanted to ensure that our user interface looked fresh and approachable. We also implemented some new functional features that are sure to make your life easier.

Push Notifications Have Arrived, Finally!

To ensure ease of use, Wise Agent just launched push notifications. You will now be able to be notified whenever Home Sale Anniversaries, CloudCMAs, Enhancements/Wise Texts, and Birthdays/Anniversaries need your attention. Simply enable these notifications in your account and agree to receive them in your browser. You will now always be on top of all of your contacts’ important dates.

Search Your Contacts With Ease Using These New Categories!

Because your business is so dependent contacts, we love to add and update features to the contact list. You can now use “Referred By” as a search category in your database. But it doesn’t stop there, you can also search by “Has Referred”. This way you’ll never be left to wonder which of your clients is helping you grow your business.

User Interface, Now Revamped

The features under the “Tools” tab are getting the brunt of the user interface reboot. Because keeping track of your financial information is important as a real estate agent, we made sure that you could do this directly from your real estate CRM with a new update. We renamed “Tax Help” to “Accounting” and made the tool more visually appealing. Learn more about how to use this tool, here. Another tool that is a useful added feature is the calculator. Easily calculate amortization, debt calculation, early payoff, and more with Wise Agent. We found that agents spent a large amount of time using the tool so it also received some well deserved modernization. Under that same “Tools” tab, you can now find a library of recorded classes. Here, you will be able browse from an array of helpful classes that will help with the setup of your account, answer your questions, and give you integration information.

It doesn’t stop there, some tools directly related to your property listings have also been revamped. Your “Property List” has a new modern look so that you can easily view all of your properties. The “Lockbox” page and “Fusion Website” menu both got a similar makeover so that your real estate crm has a fun contemporary look.

Have Questions? Contact Us.

If you ever need help or have questions with anything concerning Wise Agent, our customer support is always standing by.


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