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4 Old School Lead Conversion Tactics That Didn’t Kick the Digital Bucket

The real estate industry has been profoundly altered by changes in technology. From how real estate agents communicate with clients to how they handle transactions, technology has influenced the real estate industry is huge ways. From building relationships to focusing on target markets, this blog focuses on old school lead conversion tactics that are still used today.

3 Tips for Managing Your and Zillow Leads

Purchasing leads through Zillow or is just the beginning…you will need to manage these leads using a CRM system. This blog gives three tips on how you can utilize your CRM to manage your and Zillow leads.

4 Ways Video is Changing the Email Marketing Landscape

Email continues to be one of the most efficient and successful forms of marketing, but times are changing. Now, the trend is to include videos in your emails. Find out how video is changing the email marketing landscape and how you can utilize this trend.

Texting For the 21st Century Real Estate Agent

Today, more people text than talk on the phone. Keep up with this trend by learning how to leverage texting in your real estate practice. Quick fact: by choosing to text with a prospect, you’re 40% more likely to convert them into a client.

5 Unfortunate Situations Your CRM Can Save You From

When accidents and mistakes happen – will your CRM save you? Don’t gamble your time and credibility by taking the risk of having a low quality CRM. Make sure your CRM can save you from these five unfortunate situations.

Content Sharing To Build Relationships: Why It Works in Real Estate

Your clients look to you as market leaders and experts in real estate – make sure you are engaging them with interesting and useful content. This blog takes a close look at why content sharing to build relationships work in real estate.

3 Reasons Why Lead Intelligence is Crucial for Lead Ranking and Qualifying

Does your CRM offer lead intelligence? With this feature you can prioritize your leads and connect with people on a more personal level. Here is a synopsis on why lead intelligence is crucial for lead ranking and qualifying.

How to Email Market Without Spamming Your Clients

Email can be an extremely useful marketing tool – as long as your emails don’t become spam to your recipients. Make sure you are email marketing without spamming your clients using these tips.

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