To be a successful real estate agent, it’s vital that you know every detail about the neighborhood your clients are interested in. The knowledge you have of certain areas and neighborhoods can be the key to earning more clients and helping your current clients find their dream homes.

Show your clients that you are the neighborhood expert with these 4 easy steps:

#1. Send Newsletters

With Wise Agent, sending newsletters has never been easier [LINK TO NEWSLETTER BLOG]. In less than two minutes you can create a newsletter your clients and prospects will enjoy. In your newsletter, highlight popular neighborhoods and include information on the school district, entertainment and transportation in the area to show that you are knowledgeable about the neighborhood. Include photos and details on homes listed in the neighborhood as well.

#2. Offer Market Reports on Neighborhoods

Offer your clients a market report to show them how the neighborhood is doing in terms of homes on the market, average sales price, and other statistics your clients will be interested in knowing.

By giving your clients an inside look at the neighborhood with useful information provided in market reports, you can show them you are an expert on the area and that you can help them determine which neighborhood will best fit their family.

#3. Offer to Do a Comparative Market Analysis

A comparative market analysis will evaluate similar homes that have sold in the neighborhood and will show the current market value of the prospect’s home. By showing your client the details of sold homes that are similar in the neighborhood, you will be giving them a more detailed look at what the market in the area looks like – establishing yourself as a market expert with this knowledge.

Just because homes are listed for a certain price, does not mean that is what they will be appraised and sold for. Comparative Market Analyses give an evaluation on homes that are similar and this information can be useful to your client when they are deciding where to purchase a home, especially if a home is near the top of their budget.

#4. Send Emails Highlighting Neighborhood Events

A simple email with a list of neighborhood events can show your clients that you know what’s going on in the neighborhood. Maybe the neighborhood is having a movie night in the park or an annual neighborhood garage sale — the more insight you can give to your client, the better. To find out about events going on, you can visit the neighborhood’s HOA site or call them – better yet, just a quick drive through the neighborhood may tell you what’s going on.

Getting Started

Like the old saying goes – “stick to what you know.” By staying up to date on neighborhood happenings and sharing this information with your clients, you will become a go-to resource for information on any neighborhood your client is interested in.

Be prepared and let Wise Agent help you establish yourself as a neighborhood expert with tools like the Wise Agent newsletter feature. Contact us today for more information.

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