It seems like just about everyone is on social media and while this may be deemed as a distraction to some, social media can actually be a valuable tool to real estate agents. Prospecting is one of the hardest parts of a real estate agent’s job and social lead data is a game changer for finding new leads.

According to Mashable, there are currently 3.028 billion people using social media. This means that the likelihood of your prospect being on social media is high, opening up doors for you to find ways to relate them using social lead data. Let’s take a look at 3 reasons why social lead data is helpful in prospecting and gaining new real estate appointments.

Turns Cold Calls Into Warm Calls

Having a prospect’s social media info can help you establish an instant connection. You can use someone’s social media to find out what college they attended, what their major was, where they grew up and what their favorite sports teams are. This will allow you to establish a connection and will make it easier to cold-call the prospect. It’s a unique conversation starter that really helps build the foundation for future contact.

You never know – you may have gone to the same college as a prospect or even to a rival college, or you may have kids in the same school or on the same sports teams. There are so many opportunities to make an easy connection with useful social lead data.

Helps Determine When to Engage

Social media lead data can help you pinpoint a good time to engage. Take a look at what time the prospect usually posts and use this to your advantage for when to reach out. This can help you engage quickly with the prospect at a time you know they are active on social media. Knowing when to make contact with a lead can mean the difference between setting up a real estate appointment and just being another email in an inbox or another missed call on an answering machine.

You Show You’re Dedicated

Prospects will appreciate that you took the time to look at their social media profiles and find out more about them. This shows that you are willing to go the extra mile to make sure that you are successful and do a stand up job. This helps with building a connection and building trust with the prospect. You are no longer a real estate agent among the crowd – now you stand out and have a leg up on the competition. Use their social media info to leverage a relationship, but to also show your work ethic.

Utilize Wise Agent’s CRM to Leverage Social Data

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