newcalllistThe completely updated Call List goes live tomorrow, June 24th, 2014, and this is one you are going to love! We have taken all of your suggestions and turned the Call List into an extremely powerful Wise Agent feature that you will want to implement into your business and start using today!  The telephone is still one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal, and not much compares to a friendly voice on the other end of the line.

With Wise Agent’s Call List feature, you will never miss an important call again; you can set an alert via email or text message to remind you.  You can also assign a Call Type, so you can better organize your calls, like make all your open house follow-ups one right after the other.  New tabs across the top of the Master Call List page allow you to view just calls that are Past Due, Due Today, Future Calls, or All.  Another suggestion we have implemented is the “Reason” field, where you can type a short note to remind yourself why you are making the call.

Join Amy as she explains how to maximize your use of the New and Improved Call List:

As a direct result of our Wise Members’ suggestions, we’ve also improved the Call List in the following ways:

  1. You can re-order and sort by any of the columns, just by clicking on the column heading
  2. When you are making your calls, you stay on the Call List, making it easier to get through more calls quickly, with less clicks
  3. You can search for ANYTHING – any name, word, number, or date – anything on the page
  4. Use the filters to display calls by team member or type
  5. Create a CSV or PDF of your Call List, or Print the page if you prefer


We know you’ll love the new and improved Call List, and we always love to hear your feedback…so let us have it!  Hit the Contact Us button to tell us what you think, or to have any of your questions answered.  You can also join one of our weekly webinars for an overview of this and all the other tools Wise Agent CRM has to offer to help you manage a successful real estate business.

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