How many times have you searched through folder after folder, looking for that particular property listing? How many times have you hoped that the lock box CBS code was scribbled down on that piece of paper, only to be disappointed that it wasn’t? With Wise Agent you can get rid of all the paper, and the headache, and always have what you need at your fingertips.

Begin by adding the Property to your Property List – adding Properties in Wise Agent is easy. Simply go to the Properties tab and click on the “Add Property” link. At a glance you can enter all the most important information including the address. Click on “Show Property Details” and you can add more detailed specs and other information.  Remember to save your work before leaving the page!

Now you can enter the lockbox connected to that listing – just mouse over the Properties tab at the top, and click on “Lock Box”.  You can enter all the information, including the CBS code, shackle code, serial number, and any additional notes. Link it to the property you’ve just added by selecting the correct address from the drop-down menu.  It’s as easy as that!

At Wise Agent we know you don’t have time to be shuffling through paperwork. That’s why we’ve created an innovative real estate contact management system tailored to the needs of a busy agent’s life.