Are you on Twitter or Facebook? If you’re like most realtors trying to promote your business, the chances are good that you probably are. Now, we have a real estate software program that’s not only going to revolutionize your business, it’s going to bring you closer to your followers too!

Once they are in your Wise Agent database, you can connect your contacts to their Twitter account and view their recent tweets just as you would if you were to log into the site from a different browser. You can check out what others are saying, reply and re-tweet, all right from within your Wise Agent. And you can do the same with Facebook, too. Not only can you keep track of your friends (and your best clients) or update your own Facebook profile, but you can keep track of the business pages you follow as well.

Most real estate marketing plans involve using Twitter and Facebook in some form. The chances are that you’re already on these websites promoting yourself and your listings, or you soon plan to be. But instead of just adding mores sites to log into, why not incorporate that within the program you already use everyday? With Wise Agent, you can have it all there at a glance.