One of the great things about working with a team of other real estate professionals in a brokerage or firm is that you have a ton of real estate tools at your fingertips such as conferences and in-house assistants. One of those resources is often contact management software, designed by the brokerage and used within house. Many firms have them and while they do have certain advantages, they also have their own drawbacks that you need to be aware of.

The biggest challenge with using brokerage-specific software is that once you leave that brokerage, you’ll also leave all of your contacts behind. You may be able to copy them all onto a hard disk before you go, but when things are in transit, things like your contact database can be forgotten. And when changing offices, who has the time to be backing up more files than you need to?

Real estate CRM software like Wise Agent gives you back that control, and frees up your time too. Because all of your information is stored online anyway, and you can access it at any time with just your name and password, you never have to worry about backing up files, or leaving all of your most precious contacts behind.

Building and creating a strong network of contacts takes time in the real estate industry, and is the backbone of any realtor. Use Wise Agent and take back control of your contacts wherever you go, whatever office you’re in.

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