Yahoo, AOL, Comcast, AT&T, and several other major email providers made big changes to their anti-spoofing email policies last month in the battle against spamming.  This is causing major problems for millions of people who use email marketing in their business. The new validation policy, known as DMARC, has affected anyone that sends email using email2an “” email address, or any of the other email providers who are implementing DMARC, which has caused billions of emails to go undelivered.

As you can imagine, this has caused a nightmare in service calls for many “Third Party Senders” like Wise Agent, that allow members to send emails as part of our service. While it looks like most other companies have opted to simply tell their clients the only fix is to change their email address, here at Wise Agent we didn’t feel that was a good enough answer. We figured some of our members have been marketing their email addresses for many years, and may not have time to stop business to set up a new email address.  In order to avoid having all of the Wise Agent affected users change their email addresses, we went to work programming the necessary changes on how emails get sent from our servers.  Yahoo, AOL, AT&T, and Comcast among others, are looking for specific DMARC rules indicating who sent the message.  We are proud to say that our Development Team made all the necessary changes to comply with the new DMARC policies.

For further technical information on DMARC, read Word to the Wise and The Return Path.