When you login to your Wise Agent CRM tomorrow, you’ll undoubtedly notice some exciting new changes!  We’ve updated the outside of the site (before you login), to give visitors an even better idea of what our system has to offer.  Scroll down the page and take a moment to check out what the experts and leaders in the real estate arena have to say about our program, as well as your fellow real estate professionals’ opinions.  Learn “Why Wise Agent” is invaluable, and see links to the most recent news on our blog.

When you login, you will notice an overall new look and feel to the system.  The now lightning-fast Day Planner has been remodeled, and updated with new settings streamlining the Google Sync with your mobile device.  Just as important as the updates you CAN see, we also included a ton of updates you CAN’T see.  Behind the scenes, we’ve made it easier for our talented Development Team to improve upon the system further.  This is just the beginning!

We love hearing from our members, and are eternally grateful for your suggestions.  After all, they have allowed us to grow into a leader in the Real Estate Tech industry.  Constantly innovating, our Development Team is hard at work bringing those suggestions into fruition.  Send your feedback to one of our member care representatives, via the Contact Us button, today!