fb-lead-tipsPurchasing leads through listing portals like Realtor.com and Zillow is a great way to get your hands on some contact information that might be useful. The thing to remember is that the information can only be useful if you can pull it up when you need it, and if you effectively nurture those leads to fruition.

Lead nurturing is an exercise in patience. Most research shows that converting a lead requires at minimum 5 “touches.” Considering the nature of real estate —the fact that transactions are quite rare for the average person— it stands to reason that moving from lead to sale can take considerably longer. It all depends on the lead’s situation when initial contact occurs. Past customers are our best source of referrals as well, so staying in touch after the sale is just as important. Occasional contact with some morsel of relevant information is often all it takes to keep your name in a client’s mind. It’s critical to have a comprehensive system for managing leads, all in a central location. Unless you’re using your CRM to manage these leads, you’re likely not making the most of that investment. When leads are stored in separate accounts on various listing portals, they can’t be categorized and manipulated in many useful ways like they can on a CRM platform. By syncing those listing services with your CRM, you can import the leads directly into your database. This has several advantages right out of the gate:
#1. Single log-in When everything is in your CRM, you don’t have to log in to multiple sites to get the information you’re looking for. This saves considerable time and aggravation.
#2. Automated contact A tighter system means fewer leads fall through the cracks. Your CRM allows you to create follow-up reminders, so you are sure to remember to check in with leads after a specified period of time has passed. Remember, multiple touches are important for conversion.
#3. More effective categorization When leads are imported into your database, they can be placed into categories with other contacts – and leads from other listing services. These can be based on their location, industry, or price point –whatever criteria serve you best.
Taking advantage of your CRM
Moving leads from Zillow or Realtor.com into your CRM is not complicated or time-consuming, and it boosts the potential for conversion considerably. Once the data is transferred, the CRM immediately adds value to that information —applying demographic filters, adding social media information, and connecting the contact to the market. As the most recommended CRM in the real estate industry, WiseAgent excels in enhancing the value of your leads.

We use API integrations and Email parsing to make it possible for your CRM to communicate with platforms like Zillow and Realtor.com for automatic transfer without data entry.  
Make the most of your purchased leads by pulling them into that well-oiled machine you call your CRM.  Then roll up your sleeves and get going.