Are you juggling data between a CRM system and a transaction management system? You could be spending time focusing on growing sales and gaining new clients, rather than having to use two alternate systems to see a complete picture of your business. Having an all-in-one system can streamline your business and free up time for you to focus on the core business tasks that affect your bottom line.

Measures Complete Performance

An all-in-one CRM will keep track of notes from phone calls and meetings and will also track client feedback and establish trends. This helps to eliminate time spent doing manual entries and research you need to improve your client or prospect response rates. Not only will you be able to track your transaction performance and your success with converting leads to clients, you will also be able to improve communication between your team members.

An all-in-one system will provide everything from detailed reports measuring your performance at every step of the sales cycle as well as marketing materials like newsletters and bulk emails.

Everything is in One Place

How frustrating is it to have to search ten different places to complete one task? With an all-in-one system, everything is organized and easy to find. You can use the search tools within the system to locate files easily, from anywhere on any device with the cloud applications available in the system.

An all-in-one system creates a virtual hub that connects to outputs from all of the programs you use and integrates the information to store it in a way that is accessible, useful and timelier. The amount of time you will save performing these tasks will help you respond to clients faster and will help reduce errors, streamlining your business.

You Can Better Serve Your Clients

The relationships you have with your clients is the most important part of your business, so you need to make sure you are giving your leads and clients the attention they deserve. An all-in-one system will improve your communication with clients, because it can communicate with clients, even when you can’t, and will provide clients with answers based on the data the system hosts. The most time-consuming parts of the sales cycle can be more efficient and can be streamlined with an all-in-one system. You will have more time to focus on your clients’ needs rather than performing tasks that don’t directly affect your bottom line.

Having a cloud-based all-in-one CRM system can also help you serve clients better, because you can access files and data anytime from anywhere on any device. If you are out in the field and a client has a question, you can access the CRM via your mobile device and take care of your client.

Wise Agent’s CRM is an all-in-one system that helps real estate agents automate and streamline their business and convert more leads. Contact us today to get started and see how all of the amazing features of Wise Agent can improve your business.

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