Real estate is all about relationships and maintaining a healthy client base. One of the most effective ways to increase your business is to master the art of online marketing by utilizing tools such as Wise Agent’s newsletter feature. You can create successful newsletter campaigns with a few clicks of a button to send out to everyone in your email list with Wise Agent’s CRM.

Here are three ways real estate newsletters can increase your business.

#1. Expands Your Reach

When a prospect or client receives your informational newsletter, they will forward this on to people within their network, ultimately exposing you to a wider base of potential clients. This is why it is crucial that you have a healthy email database. You never know whom your newsletter will reach – the key is to make sure that the content is valuable to your recipients.

Try to leave out promotional content and really focus on providing market spotlights, facts, real estate trends and tips that your clients will find useful.

#2. Drives Traffic to Your Website

Add a link to your website into the newsletter to drive traffic to your website and to ultimately give recipients a reason to check out your listings. This is an easy way to get eyes on your recently sold properties and your listings on the market without being too “salesy.” If you have a blog, add a link to it so that you can also establish yourself a thought leader by offering your own insight on the market and by showcasing your listings.

#3. Showcases Your Resources

If you are sending out newsletters to prospects, this is your opportunity to showcase your real estate knowledge and the market knowledge you have. Why should you be their agent? Show them that you are an expert in all things real estate and include relevant articles and newsworthy items in the newsletter.

This is a great chance to give a prospect insight on why you are the right agent for the job and what unique skills you have to offer them for their real estate venture. You can also feature a list of your featured listings to give prospects a taste of what properties you have to offer.

The Bottom Line

Creating a valuable newsletter to send to prospects can truly set you apart from the competition. With Wise Agent’s automated drip marketing, you’ll send fresh content designed to turn contacts into clients all year long. You can set it and forget it with the easy to use calendar tool and watch as the leads roll in and your business thrives.

Watch this quick video on how to create a Wise Agent drip campaign. You can either send the Wise Agent newsletter as is or you can edit it and tailor it with custom content. Wise Agent offers a Spanish newsletter and a 2-page paper newsletter that can be sent each month.

For more information on Wise Agent’s newsletter tool, contact us or visit our site.

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