Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to engage with clients and prospects. For every single dollar that is spent on email marketing, real estate agents can gain a quadruple ROI. It’s no surprise that during the day, people spend more time checking and writing emails than anything else, so utilize this and gain more leads by using these four best practices for increasing real estate email open rates. Test Delivery Times Your prospects are busy – when they aren’t searching for their new home or selling their current one, they are working. To increase open rates, you need to send your emails when your prospects are looking at their email. Test different delivery times to see when you gain the highest open rates and click-through rates. Perhaps sending your emails at noon are less effective than when you send them around 8 am when people are going their email to start the day. Cut Out Spam Words There are certain words that will automatically place your email into the spam folder. Avoid using common spam words that will trigger your email to be sent to prospects’ junk folders. Exclamation points, “free,” and “winning” are some of the most common words and symbols that can land your email in the spam folder. The easiest way to gain better open rates, is to ensure that your email subject line is personalized, concise and entices the prospect to look deeper by opening your email – all of this can only be possible if your email is sent to the inbox and not the spam folder. Maintain Consistency Set a specific time to send your email or newsletter to your prospects and clients. This schedule will help your recipients know when to expect your email. Your most loyal clients will appreciate the consistency and this will help you gain higher open rates. Try subject lines that are simple, a single word, personalized, poses a question and encourages the recipient to want to open your email and learn more. The Sender Should Be You The first things recipients will look at when it comes to email, is who the email was sent from. An email from a company will look like pure advertising, which will not help your open rates. Recipients will be more likely to open an email from an actual person than from a company or real estate agency. Prospects and clients appreciate personalization. The bottom line is your prospects are looking for emails that contain useful information they can use. Emails that detail new listings you think they may enjoy or give useful tips on buying or selling a home, will help you increase your open rates. The first step is to make sure the subject line is interesting and intriguing. Impress your prospects and clients with interesting and original content and you’ll also be on your way to higher click-through rates. Take a look at our blog on how to send a great newsletter with Wise Agent CRM. Interested in using a CRM that makes your job easier and more efficient? Sign up for free instant access to start benefitting from all of the amazing features we have to offer.