Before ever giving a sales pitch, you need to interact with your leads. Lead nurturing helps build rapport with your potential clients and helps you gain their trust. Don’t expect to gain an inquiry and be able to immediately turn this prospect into a client without establishing trust first.  Let’s look at four components of truly exceptional lead nurturing.

Contact Management

Wise Agent’s contact manager is the ideal automated system used for building relationships. The feature works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and helps establish long-lasting relationships in the real estate industry. Whenever you have a new lead, you will no longer have to worry about carving out time to contact them in the event that you are busy.

These features will help you nurture leads:

  •      Google Sync
  •      Client Funnels
  •      Date/Time Stamps
  •      Automated Email and Text Responses
  •      Leads On-The-Go
  •      Seamless Accessibility
  •      Cloud Storage
  •      Team Automations

Don’t Reveal Too Much Upfront

One of the biggest mistakes a real estate agent can make is to give every detail upfront. While this seems like it may be counterproductive, it’s wise to leave information out because prospects will then reach out to you for more information beyond what you’ve initially given them. Leave prospects with a cliffhanger, so they’ll look to you as a resource for information they need when it comes to their real estate needs.

Respond in a Timely Manner

One of the most effective ways to turn a prospect into a client is to respond as soon as possible. According to InsideSales, you are nine times more likely to convert an Internet lead to a client when you respond within five minutes. While this time period may not always be feasible with your busy schedule, try to respond to any inquiries within at least 2 hours.

With Wise Agent’s auto-dialer integrations, you can make up to 270 calls per hour and offers automated lead generation features to help you manage and maintain leads in the event that you are too swamped to do so yourself. Your CRM is there to assist you in nurturing your leads and providing quality follow up.

Utilize Drip Email Campaigns

One of the best features of Wise Agent’s CRM is the drip email marketing campaigns it creates. There are easy to use templates that make creating newsletters simple and a cinch to send out. With Wise Agent’s drip marketing, you can automatically send fresh content designed to turn contacts into clients. The simple calendar tool allows you to “set it and forget it,” while the quality leads roll in.

Features include:

  •      Higher Conversion Rates
  •      Done-For-You Content
  •      Consistent Lead Flow
  •      Automated Sending
  •      Calendar Integrations
  •      Proven Templates

Try out Wise Agent’s free trial for 30 days, and see how much better your leads can look with our system. Our service is backed by 24/7 support, to take your contact from lead to client to closing. Contact us with any questions you have – we look forward to helping you gain more real estate leads.

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