Make 2017 the best year yet for your business by utilizing your CRM and all of its great features. From carving out time to add new contacts to scheduling a weekly or monthly newsletter, make the most out of your CRM by making these four New Year’s resolutions for a winning CRM in 2017. #1. Make Sure Every Lead is Valuable Are your current leads valuable? Do they have accurate names, contact information, pictures, etc.? Think about how much more successful your business would be if you had full names, correct contact info, client interests, photos, favorite sports team and links to their social media profiles. Utilize Wise Agent’s Lead Automation Enhancement feature and the system will automatically pull social information from a prospect’s email. Using this feature will help you gain more valuable information about your leads and help your business take off in the new year. #2. Stay on Top of Appointments Wise Agent’s Appointment Calendar will help you systematize, organize and boost your productivity. It will link and share your appointments with your vendors and clients and you can even set up text and email alerts to anyone on your team for every appointment you have scheduled in your planner. You can even create daily, weekly or monthly to-do lists and monitor your progress. All of these features will help you stay on top of your appointments in the new year. #3. Send Out a Weekly or Monthly Newsletter This New Year’s resolution will keep your more connected with your clients and is another way to gain new clients. Wise Agent’s drip marketing tool will help you send out professional newsletters with fresh content designed to turn contacts into real estate clients. Schedule it with the calendar tool and the leads will start streaming in. Wise Agent’s newsletter tool is simple and easy to use and will help you stay at the top of your client and prospect’s inboxes. #4. Resolve to Add a Predetermined Number of Contacts Each Week Real estate relies on relationships so it is important that you set aside time to add a certain number of contacts each week. The more contacts you have in your CRM, the greater chance you have to turn these contacts into clients. Not only should you be adding a number of contacts each week, but you should also be spending time using this contact information to prospect and set up appointments. The Bottom Line Get to know your CRM and all of its features to really kick-start your business in the new year. Devote the time to sending out a newsletter, cleaning up your CRM contacts, adding new contacts each week and staying on top of all of your appointments. All of these resolutions will help you have an even more successful business in the new year. Take a closer look at all of the exciting features Wise Agent’s CRM has to offer your business. We are dedicated to helping real estate agents become more efficient by automating their business. Contact us 24/7 – we are always here to help!