Entrepreneurs risk it all for the sake of advancing and growing their businesses and ultimately making their dreams come true. For those who venture into the real estate business, utilizing online platforms to gain leads is crucial and something that every successful entrepreneur has mastered. Let’s take a look at four online lead conversion tricks we can learn from entrepreneurs. Nurture Leads Any entrepreneur will tell you that you need to interact with your leads before you give your sales pitch. Lead nurturing helps build rapport with you and your prospects, helping to gain trust. Great strategies for this are social media interaction and personalizing any communication you send, such as emails or newsletters. Don’t expect to gain an inquiry and be able to immediately turn this prospect into a client, without establishing some type of relationship.

Leave Something Out One of the biggest mistakes a real estate agent can make is to give all of the information up front. It may sound counterproductive, but entrepreneurs such as Mark Cuban, will tell you that leaving information out is a solid strategy because prospects will reach out to you for more information beyond what you’ve initially given them. Would you read a book if the ending was on the first page? Think of your prospecting in those terms and leave them with a cliffhanger, so they’ll look to you as a resource for information they need.

Respond Promptly Even the busiest entrepreneurs know that one effective way to turn a prospect into a client is to respond as soon as possible to your leads. Do you think Barbara Corcoran became a real estate legend by getting back to her leads days later? According to InsideSales, you are nine times more likely to convert an Internet lead to a client when you respond within five minutes. This may not always be possible, but try to respond to any inquiries within at least 2 hours. If you are too busy to respond yourself, you may want to look at using a CRM to handle this for you. Through our partners, Wise Agent CRM can help you make up to 270 calls per hour and offers automated lead generation features to help you manage and maintain leads.
Remember to Close Bethenny Frankel is one of the most well known entrepreneurs, because she started from nothing and ended up creating a multi-million dollar brand SkinnyGirl. How did she do it? She always closed on her sales leads. If a prospect contacts you inquiring about the market value of their home, simply ask them if they can come in for a quick five-minute price consultation to ensure that you give them the most accurate value for their home. You will be surprised at how many prospects are willing to give you five minutes of their time. Give WiseAgent a free trial for 30 days, and see how much better your leads can look with our support. Our service is backed by 24/7 support, to take your contact from lead to client to closing.