The number of online home-related searches is growing by the minute, making getting your clients’ attention more important than ever before. Email marketing continues to be one of the most effective ways to engage clients in the real estate industry, meaning as an agent, it’s crucial to stay on top of the latest email marketing trends. Let’s take a look at five goals to crush email marketing in 2017 to gain more leads and close more transactions. Get More Creative The first thing any client or prospect will read is the subject line, so it needs to be creative and catchy. Many people determine whether they are going to open an email based solely on the subject line. Your email needs to stand out among the many other emails in their inbox. Brainstorm on creative ways to capture their attention and spark their curiosity to increase engagement. Too many words or not enough words in your subject line will decrease your open rate. Work with your marketing team to help generate ideas on getting more creative with your subject lines. Utilize Analytics Another great goal to make in 2017 is to pay more attention to your email marketing analytics. If you aren’t receiving a high open rate or click-through rate, you will need to re-evaluate both your subject lines and the content within your emails. You want to ensure that you are spending time that will result in a return on the investment. Whether you use Constant Contact or MailChimp or any other email marketing service, take a closer look at the analytics to increase your open rates. Make it More Visual The more visual your emails are, the better. Include photos of your recent listings to amp up your email’s look. Text heavy emails aren’t as appealing to the eye and you may not receive as much engagement from them. Another great goal is to add more links to your listings, your blog or your company’s website. Create a Clear Call to Action One of the most important parts of any email campaign is the call to action. Recipients need to know exactly what to do next. Make it a goal to nail down a clear call to action to include in every email campaign. Include a direct step like a contact button to make the CTA clear. Cross-Market with Social Media You should be utilizing all tools to maximize your marketing efforts as a real estate agent, including cross marketing with social media. Set a goal to automate your email campaigns to also appear on your social media pages, such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. This expands your reach and opens the door for more leads and clients. Email can be a powerful tool for connecting with and converting leads to clients. With Wise Agent’s CRM, you can streamline your email activity with pre-filled, ready-to-go emails designed to build relationships, capture new business, and convert. You can also easily create custom newsletters.