The real estate industry is constantly evolving and more buyers and sellers are looking online to find exactly what they are looking for. It’s crucial for real estate agents to have the knowledge and skills it takes to turn Internet leads into phones calls and then into appointments. Here are five steps for converting an Internet lead to a call and then to an appointment. Step #1: Be Prompt The faster you respond to an internet lead, the more likely you are to turn this lead into a phone call where you can discuss exactly what the prospect is looking for. Don’t make your Internet lead play the waiting game. Conversion experts say that you should respond to any internet lead within five minutes, even if you are just letting them know that you have received their inquiry and will get in touch with them soon. Step #2: Follow Up with a Text The key to turning an Internet lead into a phone call is to follow up with a text. This quick and simple form of communication will take mere seconds and will help you establish an instant connection with the lead so that they know you will get in touch with them soon. Texting is one of the most effective forms of communication in the real estate business, especially when working with millennials. With Wise Agent, you can set your CRM to auto text each time a lead comes in —and you can reply easily whether on the phone or computer. Step #3: Be Prepared Before making the call, you need to do your research and be prepared. A quick Google search of the lead’s email address or a quick search on LinkedIn will give you some great insight. You can use information on their location and profession or their interests to maintain a connection before you ever speak on the phone. The more information you can learn about the lead beforehand, the easier it will be to connect to your lead on the phone. Step #4: Gain Trust The most important thing you need to earn on the phone call with the lead is the prospect’s trust. You need to establish that you can be a resource for your prospect and that you can help them accomplish their goals with either buying or selling. You need to present them with information that will show them that you are the right agent to help them in their buying or selling process. Present your prospect with facts, figures and even client testimonials if possible to gain their trust. Step #5: Set a Time to Meet Don’t let the conversation finish without establishing a time to meet with the lead in person. After you have done your research and gained their trust, you should feel comfortable setting up a face-to-face meeting with the prospect in order to further discuss what they are looking for in buying or selling their home. Use the information you learned on the phone call to put together a list of homes and neighborhoods your lead may be interested in or put together resources that will help guide them in selling their home.