Is your database full of duplicates?

Most real estate professionals realize that their business revolves around their database.  Your database is your livelihood. So it makes sense to control your own real estate database and put a little time to keeping it clean and updated.

Successful Realtor’s have many different lead sources and ways of meeting new prospects, so they are constantly adding new names to their database each week or even daily.  Some of the new names will be added manually, others may be internet leads coming into the real estate CRM automatically and other contacts may be imported from a list all in the same week.  You can see how easily one may end up with duplicates that need to be addressed.

Wise Agent has a duplicate Merge Tool that will save you time and make cleaning up your database easy!  Merge all of your duplicate contacts into one entry.

Follow this video tutorial to find out how:

Merge Duplicates Step by Step:

1. Find the contacts that you would like to merge in the Contact List and select them with the checkboxes

2. On the actions drop down menu select “Merge Contacts”

3. Choose from the two columns which information you would like to keep from each contact

4. After you’ve selected the information that you’d like to keep simply hit Complete Merge and your contacts will be merged

Finally, we recommend going through your CRM and removing duplicate entries on a quarterly basis to avoid confusion and to save time determining which is correct.

Having an organized CRM system will make you more efficient, build better client relationships and work seamlessly and efficiently to grow business.