Even the most unbelievable technologies can’t perform to their full capabilities without adoption by the user. The same goes for your real estate CRM. If you’re not committing to using your CRM and make daily maintenance part of your routine, you’re not getting the full benefits of the system.  

Creating new habits can be difficult, but utilizing your CRM is one habit you will want to adopt. A simple Google search will bring up a multitude of research stating that it only takes 21 days to form a new habit. Let’s take a look at strategies to help you commit to using your CRM in 2017 and making it a new habit.

#1. Enter a Task Each Day for One Week

When you first log into your CRM, create a task each day for an entire week. These tasks will serve as to-do items that you will have to complete. You’ll also get a reminder email each morning helping you form this new habit. Every morning you check your email you will receive a list of tasks due that day. This email will help you form the habit of jumping right into your CRM and getting to work on entering new client data or going over notes from the last time you spoke to a client before giving them a follow up call.

#2. Set a Schedule for Prospecting

Choose a time and day each week to devote solely to prospecting. When you have a schedule for prospecting, it will be easier to hold yourself accountable for the task and to get it done every single day. Instead of trying to get prospecting done in between client meetings or during your lunch hour, you will have a set day and time each week to accomplish the task.

#3. Make Using Your CRM A Habit By Using it In Every Facet

You will need to incorporate your CRM in your daily routine in order to make it habit. If you are working out in the field, utilize the mobile app. When you are making calls during the day, record all of your calls into your CRM, so that you can reference them in the future without having to worry about keeping track of the info. Make it so that your online lead services automatically send any new leads into your CRM, so that you don’t have to log in to work with those leads.

#4. Keep Your CRM Clean

When your CRM is a mess with duplicate entries and wrong information, it will make it harder for you to want to work in your CRM. Take time to clean up your CRM and organize it so that you can make it easy for yourself to use on a daily basis. Update contact information and make sure that the information you have in your system is accurate for a smooth transition into this new habit.

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