Contact Management Blog Keeping track of your contacts is arguably the most important part of running a successful real estate business. It’s how you organize your entire job: by who needs what, who’s interested in which property, who called in yesterday, etc. Being unorganized is just not an option for real estate agents.  Our real estate contact management software is built specifically for what YOU need to know and do on a daily basis. We created our real estate contact manager with not only the standard contact management features, but also specific fields relevant to real estate. Keep track of everything you need to know about every person in a straightforward, intuitive interface. Here are a couple features beyond the contact management functionality we’re pretty excited about:

Mobile Web App

While you’re probably on a desktop computer some of the time, you need to be able to access your CRM on your phone, too. Your needs are different when you’re on your phone: some features you really need, others you don’t. That’s why we’ve created a mobile web app version of Wise Agent that gives you access to exactly what you need when you’re on the go. When you access Wise Agent from your phone, you’ll find easy access to Contacts, Vendors, Planner, Call List, and Task List. That’s what you’ll need the most often when on the go. Need to access something else? Don’t worry, you can also visit our fully mobile-responsive standard site. For more information on our mobile web app, watch a quick video here or read more about it.

Call List

You know that feeling when you’re heading to work for the day and you’re going over the phone calls you need to make in your head? Clear up that space your brain and let Wise Agent tell you which calls you need to make each day. Plus, your call list is integrated right into your CRM, so see information about who you’re about to call with a simple click. Sound awesome? It is! Read more about it on our blog.

Referral Program

Contact Tree Referrals are a huge part of how many real estate agents get new business. People work with you, they like you, and they refer you to their friends, family and colleagues. Now, you can easily keep track of who’s been referred by whom so you can thank people accordingly and name drop friends’ names when appropriate. To see a screenshot and read more about how this feature works, check this out.

Search Features

Organization is what makes or break your business, don’t you think? It’s nice to have all of these contacts inputted in a database, but what’s that really worth if you can’t go back and find what you’re looking for. With our contact management software, you can search and organize your contacts by source, status, rank, and category. It doesn’t stop there though. Wise Agent offers an advanced search feature that is sure to knock your socks off. Search for any contact you wish in a snap.. You can search through contacts that only have partial information. Then find who has yet to receive a particular email, or who needs a phone call.

Buyer Search Criteria

Want to keep up with what your buyers are looking for? Add your buyer search criteria directly to your contact database. You’ll be organized and your buyers will be happy. Plus it’s completely searchable, so when you have a property with certain specs, you can make the match! That’s the recipe to closing the deal.

Print Materials

Is print marketing your go to? Take advantage of the print material options that are available to you. You’ll be able to raise awareness for your business outside of email and social media. Customize your mailing labels and envelopes to fit your needs. Send all of your print content out in style.


Are you a big note-taker? With Wise Agent, your notes are always at your fingertips (and automatically date- and time-stamped). You can easily catch up on past conversations, and rest easy knowing you have a running record of all interactions. You can even add notes in bulk… it doesn’t get much better than that.

Lead Enhancement

Tired of partial leads with not enough information to go on? Fret no more! The lead management software in Wise Agent has your back. With the lead enhancement option, you’ll never have to worry about not having a complete contact. Our advanced real estate software will search the internet for any social media profiles associated to email address in the lead. Once if finds social media profiles, it will populate data into your account. You’ll be able to view profile pictures, job titles, recent tweets, and more! Read more here.