You have conversations with buyers and sellers every day. We made sure conversations are easy to handle, keep track of, and monitor in our real estate CRM. Here are just a few of the ways conversations are easier than ever with Wise Agent.

Easily Save Gmail Conversations

With a large portion of real estate agents using Gmail as their email client, we decided to integrate Gmail conversations into our contact summary pages. Just turn on the integration to find even your past Gmail conversations in your contact records. If there are messages you want to save in the records, you can easily choose to do so. If you sent attachments back and forth, you can also easily save those with your unlimited document storage in Wise Agent. Get more details in our blog post or watch this short video!

Chrome Users: Make Emailing Easier with the Wise Agent Gmail Extension

Simple but mighty is how we like to describe this extension! Imagine you’re in your Gmail inbox, reading an email from a new potential client, when you think, “oh this is important, I need to save this person to my database.” With our extension, click a button to do just that! You don’t even have to leave Gmail to toggle to Wise Agent to make the save. Find out how to install it, here.

Get More Lead Information Fast from Social Media Enhancements

Got a lead from someone, but only have their really basic information? Our real estate CRM will crawl social media sites for any profiles that match that information, then pull in more for you, automatically. If the information is available, you’ll see the lead’s name, profile picture, city, employer, job title, and more. Instantly get a better feel for who you’re talking to and use that information to convert leads to clients in a dash. Sound interesting? Learn more in this blog post.

Gather More Insight from Twitter

Wise Agent’s real estate CRM now uses the Twitter API to connect you with your leads. When a lead is entered into our system, we’ll automatically search Twitter for the person and pull information into their contact record for you, if it’s available. You’ll be able to see their last three tweets, right in their record! Find out what’s important to them at a glance to connect on a deeper level.

Keep Your Finger on the Real Estate Pulse

Because we’ve built our CRM to be such a one-stop tool, many Realtors find themselves spending a lot of time in Wise Agent. When they provided feedback wishing for an RSS reader, we created one. Now, you can subscribe to any blogs or news sites you’d like via an RSS feed reader, right on your dashboard. Keep up on real estate news or subscribe to news your clients might be interested in to have some relevant talking points in your back pocket.