fb-gotcontacts One of the first steps is to transfer your contacts into your new Wise Agent CRM.  We want you to have the smoothest setup possible, so it’s important that it gets done correctly, the first time.  Wise Agent offers several different methods to add your contacts and leads to your database – here is the recommended order in which you should add your contacts:
  1. Sync contacts from Google. Here’s a complete video tutorial on how to do this.
  2. Import from a file. Export from your current system to an Excel or CSV file.  Then, you can import them using one of the options on the Import/Export page, or email the file to help@wiseagent.com and we will format them for you. Here’s more on importing contacts.
  3. Set up Lead Integrations. Get those leads automatically flowing into your Wise Agent CRM. Here’s more on setting up lead capture, email parsing, and API integrations.
  4. Manually add one at a time.  Contacts can be added manually by selecting “Add Contact” from the “Contacts” drop-down menu.
If you need any assistance with transferring your contacts to your Wise Agent account, just let us know – our support team is standing by to help!