The best CRM for real estate agents, Wise Agent, comes stocked with an amazing and easy-to-use real estate Transaction Management system as well. With our Checklist feature, you can easily stay organized with all your buyer and seller transactions or any other process you repeat regularly in your business.

Wise Agent provides customizable templates to help you keep track of all the critical dates, real estate fields, tasks, transaction notes, and contacts that are necessary for a smooth transaction, creating clients for life!

Once you have your template designed, you can use it over and over each time you have a listing or a closing approaching. Wise Agent CRM also provides you with unlimited document storage so you can upload all the forms and files you need. Wise Agent has a partnership with DocuSign that allows their users to automatically save any digitally signed forms once you activate the integration.

Wise Agent’s real estate transaction management system is also very team friendly. The checklists make it easy to see what tasks each team member is responsible for and when it is completed.

Watch Amy walk through all the benefits of using this great sales management tool:

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