Wise Agent continues to push email inside a CRM to new levels. Today, over one million emails are sent through Wise Agent each month.
With all the new regulations on email, this can be a very tricky task to pull off without being blacklisted. We are constantly innovating new ways to ensure that our members can keep in touch with their database and have designed several tools to make this happen. When you upload a list of contacts, add an individual contact, or when a lead is auto populated into Wise Agent from another source, the emails are scrubbed to ensure that they are valid email addresses. During the email validation and sending process, your clients’ email address may be modified with an appended word (ie: UNSUBSCRIBED, INVALID, or CLEANED). If this happens – the contact will also be assigned to a new category, which will match the word appended to their email address.

Here’s a quick breakdown of appended word descriptions:

UNSUBSCRIBED – If the email address for a contact has appended with UNSUBSCRIBED, this individual has requested to be removed from any further email correspondence. INVALID – If you attempt to send a message to an email address that does not exist or is no longer valid, the contact email address will append with INVALID. This may result from a typo, so the suggested action is to first check the spelling of the email address. CLEANED – When an email address appends with CLEANED, this means the email you sent to this particular contact made several attempts to deliver the message and the end result was unsuccessful. This happens when Wise Agent checks the validity of the email address. REMOVE– If the email appends with REMOVE, the recipient has requested to be removed from any further correspondence using our previous send email method.  This has more recently been replaced with UNSUBSCRIBED. As the sender, one of the most important steps you can take to increase your email success rate is to pay close attention to your subject line. We suggest not leaving the subject field blank and keeping the characters (length of text) minimal. Another thing to avoid, would be using ALL CAPS or special characters like **** !!!!! in the subject line. And, finally – make sure not to include the word “free” as this increases the chance of your emails being marked as spam. When you send bulk emails from Wise Agent, they are sent individually to each recipient with no cc’s or bcc’s.  However, they may not be sent instantaneously.  Your emails are added into a queue on our servers, where they will wait in line to be sent out. Currently, our servers are pumping out 90 emails per second, so depending on the amount of traffic at the time you press send, your email could could sit in the queue for up to a couple hours before actually being processed and sent. Typically the wait is only a few moments.  In the near future, we will have a reporting tool that will allow you to see if the email has been sent or marked as Cleaned, Removed, or Invalid.  Currently, we have reports that show whether your emails were delivered, along with what emails were blacklisted. If you have any questions about how email works within your Wise Agent CRM, don’t hesitate to ask!  We are here for you!