Send Better Emails Now
It’s Time to Send Better Emails!

Did you know that Email is still the number one way to communicate with your clients?  The challenge we face is trying to figure out what content to send so that emails end up in the Inbox rather than the spam folder. The number one way to ensure your real estate emails make it to the correct place and get open is to use the right subject line.

However, we don’t want our email to just get opened, we also want our clients to read our content and appreciate that we took time to think of them.  To make that happen we have to know things about our clients like what neighborhood they live in and what interests or hobbies they have. Wise Agent CRM makes it easy to categorize clients so you can quickly send the right content to the right people.

Wise Agent CRM has a feature to make sending interesting emails with great subject lines a synch! It’s the easiest way to keep in touch with contacts in your database. You don’t want to send boring emails that get sent right to the trash, so send something that they’ll actually be interested to read!

How Our RSS Feed Tool Can Help

What is RSS anyway? RSS stands for Rich Site Summary and is basically a service that retrieves the latest blog posts or articles from publishers who syndicate their content to whoever wants it using RSS.

The good news is there are very interesting blogs that come out every day about every topic imaginable.  Using Wise Agent’s RSS Feed Tool you can easily pull all the blogs that your clients may be interested in to one page.

Now instead of spending hours going from one blog site to another looking for something interesting to share to get your name out, you can log in to Wise Agent and see all the latest blogs from many different sources. After that, when you see a headline that your clients are interested in, just click the email icon and that blog with the great subject line will be formatted in Wise Agent’s Email editor and ready to send to your clients with your branding on it.

What Kinds of Things Should I Send in Emails?

If you know a lot of your clients like the Cardinals football team for for instance, send them an article about how they’re looking this season! Do a lot of your older clients love golf? Send them golf blogs on how to get that perfect swing! Not only will this increase your email open rates, but it will show you listened and remembered specific things about them — that they’re not just another sale to you. And that will go a long way towards building trust and familiarity for down the road.

Plus, guess whose name they’re going to remember when they need an agent? That awesome agent that kept them in the loop on whether the Cardinals were going to be any good this year!

It doesn’t necessarily have to just be about hobbies either. If you’ve got a new client that is nervous about their first home purchase, send them some interesting write-ups on tips for first-time buyers. It’s a great way to share some helpful information to them and begin to build that relationship.

Going above and beyond for real estate clients can be all about the little things too. Send a blog about the new years’ home trends with a note saying ‘This made me think of you! Hope you’re still loving your new home!’ — super easy, quick way to touch base and stay top of mind for that ever important referral business.

Get Started Today!

The ways to use this to your advantage are countless. So are you ready to start? Here’s a quick video tutorial on how to begin:

Check out some of these RSS feeds you can add to get started right now!

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