Email Validation

There has been an important change made to the Wise Agent email feature.
As of July 10th, you will be required to verify the email address that you use with your email branding. 

Until the email address has been verified, you will be unable to send emails including bulk and drip campaigns. 

You will be notified when you log in to your Wise Agent account of which email addresses need to be verified, and you can even get the verification email by clicking on each address. 

Additionally, on the Email Contacts page you will get a notification requesting that you verify your email. You will be sent an email containing a link to verify the email address. You will only need to verify the email address once.

You will have to verify each email address that you use with an email branding.

Once you see a green check mark next to your email branding in the branding drop down, you are ready to send out emails.

Our goal with this change is to improve your overall email sending capabilities. This change will allow you to increase your daily email sending limit, as well as ensure we are in compliance with recent changes to email spam laws.

If you are not receiving the email be sure to check all folders and inboxes including spam. After that if you are still not finding the email, we are always available to help, simply give us a call at 480-836-0345 or email us at