Which Leads Are Worth Your Valuable Time?

As a real estate agent, you get your real estate leads from a variety of sources. Whether those sources are your website, social media, open houses, or lead generation software, there’s a lot of different people, from all walks of life, looking to buy or sell a home. These people could all end up as a lead in your CRM. A challenge every Real Estate Agent faces is trying to figure out which leads are serious and worth investing the valuable time it takes to convert a lead to a client.  

Always Innovating New Technology For You

Wise Agent CRM understands those challenges. That’s why we are continually creating and adding new technology to help you convert more leads into clients and save you time.  With one of the most powerful real estate lead management software available today, every lead can immediately be added to a drip campaign, sent a video and a text message, and anyone on your team can be notified the second a new lead is in.  

Knowledge is Power – Enhance Your Leads

Wise Agent CRM has an amazing Social Media Enhancement feature that scours the internet as soon as a new lead comes in and returns all the information found from social media sites registered to the leads email address.   Wise Agent also includes a much-loved Address Enhancement feature that will return all the information about any address – from owners’ names to square footage and comps.   Social Media Enhancement gives our members an edge to start the relationship-building process; the Address Enhancements provide a wealth of information about each property in your CRM.   But… we still didn’t have a sure way to know if the lead is financially able to be involved in a real estate transaction… until now.  

Introducing the Financial Enhancement

Equifax realized the challenge of lead prioritization in the real estate industry, knew it had insights that could help,  and chose Wise Agent as their CRM partner!  Together, we are very proud to introduce our new Financial Enhancement feature, Lead Accelerator™.   Lead Accelerator™ offers powerful and differentiated data assets to assist real estate agents in segmenting and targeting leads. Lead Accelerator™ will give you an immediate snapshot of the leads’ likely financial situation. It will allow you to prioritize leads and segment existing contacts based on their likely financial data and capacity.  

How Does Lead AcceleratorWork?

With this new partnership, Wise Agent members now have exclusive access to Personal Wealth Module of the Lead Accelerator™ solution. When you accelerate a lead within your contact manager, you have access to scores that correlate to the lead’s estimated financial situation. This will help you understand your leads’ estimated discretionary income and financial capacity.  A snapshot of your potential client’s economic status can help provide valuable insight. Not only will you be able to place them in an accurate marketing campaign, you’ll also immediately have a good idea of what price range they can likely afford.  

Easy to Activate Lead Accelerator™

To activate the integration:  
  1. Click on the Welcome Drop Down and go to the Integrations Menu
  2. Choose Lead Accelerator™ from Equifax and click Activate button
  3. Purchase enhancement credits
    To Financially Enhance a Contact:
  1. Go to your Contact List
  2. Choose the Contacts that you want to enhance and check the box to the left of their names
  3. In the Actions drop-down menu, choose the Enhance with Lead Accelerator option
    Another way to use the Lead Accelerator™ is to:
  1. Got to the Contact List
  2. Click on the lead that you wish to enhance
  3. From the Contact Summary, click on the Equifax “E” to run the report
    You will find the comprehensive report on the Contact Summary page of each contact you enhance. It will be located all the way at the bottom of the page.     Here, you can see all of the reports for that contact. To learn more about what each category name means, hover over the italicized “I” symbol. A new advanced search group has also been added for Lead Accelerator™. This will allow you to easily search and filter contacts who you have or have not accelerated. You can also sort through and categorize your contacts based on financial status on your choosing.

Have Questions or Want a Quick Demo?

If you have any further questions about this partnership or anything else about your Wise Agent CRM feel free to contact our 24/7 customer support team.