Leads. Without them, where would your real estate business be? Growing and thriving as an agent or office depends on capturing and following through on those leads. Adding simple yet powerful real estate lead management software to your toolset is an awesome way to move those leads through the pipeline. As more real estate agents discover the awesome possibilities of using lead management software, more choices in the real estate space continue to pop up. However, many of them lack some of the essential choices that we’ve built into our real estate CRM.

Lead Management Features Made Simple

With Wise Agent’s lead management features, it’s incredibly easy to set up your lead management system in exactly the ways that work for you. It’s completely customizable, you don’t have to try to fit into the categories that might work for another company or agent, but don’t work for you. For instance, when someone is added to your CRM automatically via capture form, or other lead source, you can instantly follow up via email and text based on the source of the lead. This allows you to tailor your lead automation software to the specifications that work for you, that will help you foster the most leads and close the most deals. For instance, let’s say you’re running an ad that appeals to potential buyers. If someone converts to a lead via that ad, you can have our system automatically categorize them as buyers and have it send out follow-ups accordingly. Wise Agent gives you a choice of automatically sending CMA reports quarterly, semi-annually, or annually to anyone in your database. Set it up once and keep your clients informed of real estate property values in their current neighborhood or one they are interested in moving to. With minimal work from you, you can keep in touch with your important leads in an incredibly timely manner. In today’s fast-paced, connected world, it’s so important to be there in front of leads when and where you need to be. In fact, to keep in touch with those leads, Wise Agent allows you to send texts, videos, and/or perfectly personalized emails via our real estate CRM. To see more about how our lead automation software works, read more about it or watch this quick video:

Bring in More Leads with WordPress Lead Capture Forms

While following up with your leads in simple yet powerful ways is awesome, you first need to capture those leads. Wise Agent has you covered there, too. Our real estate CRM includes easy-to-use lead forms that can be used on your WordPress site. Just use our WordPress plugin, set up a quick form, and embed it on your site to instantly and easily send those leads through to your CRM. Wish you could easily see your new leads? We’ve made sure recent leads are easy to find by placing them right on your home screen when you log in to Wise Agent. Never miss a new lead again. Ready to use a real estate CRM that’ll make your life easier instead of more complicated? Start your free trial of Wise Agent now!